From small residential structures to large scale public buildings, it creates a Rapid Dry Envelope (ROE) that has some key benefits over more traditional methods of construction.

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Infill System

The Infill System uses 'C' sections (studs) that span vertically between the 'U' sections (tracks) which are fixed to the primary structure to form the inner leaf wall panel/frame. They are available in a standard range of widths of; 70, 100, 150, 200 & 250mm. (Bespoke section sizes are also available on request). The studs are typically placed at 300, 400 or 600mm centres depending on the structural design requirements and/or to suit internal/external cladding board dimensions. The frame arrangement forms any structural openings for windows/doors/penetrations and provides a substrate for the fixing of the facade treatment as well as the internal plasterboards. The bearing of the frame in relation to the primary structure is generally set a short distance outside to allow sheathing boards and insulation to be fitted in a true and constant line without interference from the structure. Infill framing is the most commonly used application of the system and is generally well understood by Architects and Main Contractors.

  • Quality, accuracy and reliability
  • 100% recyclable
  • Dimensional Stability

Oversail (Cantilever) Framing

The principles of Oversail SFS are very similar to Infill Framing with the exception that the SFS is offset from the primary structure.

The method of support at the base of a panel can vary from project to project where:

  • The stud wall is fully supported on an extended slab or offset hot rolled steel section.
  • The stud wall is not directly supported by the main structure but is cleated/bracketed back to the structure using specially designed brackets.

Bespoke/Special Solutions

As a robust, flexible and quickly built solution, the SFS products can be used to form special constructions such as:

Soffits / Bulkheads / Feature Fins
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