In schools, children need to be able to hear and understand teachers; healthcare environments need privacy and peace; offices need quiet zones; and factories often need to minimise noise.

For this reason, acoustic solutions are now widely factored into new builds and refurbishments, resulting in dramatically improved outcomes for all.

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Acoustic products are specially designed to deflect, reduce and absorb sound. They range from ceiling & wall panels to partitions and screens, and are widely used in many sectors including the leisure industry, commerce and healthcare. Acoustics are especially important in learning and SEN (special educational needs) settings to ensure children reach their social and academic potential.

Many schools look to upgrade their acoustics when undergoing refits or refurbishments, as a way to improve the learning environment for both children and staff under BB93 specifications. BB93 Specification is a document published by the department for Education England stating the minimum performance standards for acoustic in schools. The idea behind the document is to ensure that school buildings provide the right acoustic conditions to enable effective teaching and learning.

Why choose CAP for Acoustic Solutions?

CAP Ceilings & Partitions has long experience of providing acoustic solutions for clients in business, healthcare and educational settings. We have long established partnerships with all the main manufacturers of sound proofing systems, and we are the only Ecophon Approved Contractor in the South West.

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