Improved performance from beginning to end

External sheathing boards are used to completely enclose a building to make it airtight and weatherproof before the final cladding or render is applied. Water, weather and mould resistant, it protects the building during the final construction phase, and increases its durability and efficiency when complete.

Improved performance with structural strength

External sheathing boards add structural strength to new or existing buildings, prolonging their life and offering extra protection against extreme weather events. Airtight and fire resistant, external sheathing will also improve a building’s thermal performance and energy efficiency.

Added value, with no extra time

Sheathing greatly improves the overall performance of a building, yet it takes minimal time to fit. Simple to transport and easy to work with, the boards are cut to size on site. Fixing is quick and progress is rapid, keeping installation costs to a minimum and enabling projects to be delivered on budget and on time.

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