Airless spray plastering is a fast, clean and astonishingly easy way to apply plaster to a wall. Surfaces can be dry and ready to paint in 24 hours, and with no mixing beforehand and minimal cleaning up afterwards, the advantages over conventional wet plastering are clear.

Airless spray plaster systems use a special fast-drying plaster compound applied with an airless spray gun. Unlike traditional wet plaster there is no need for mixing with water – it comes ready to spray, saving you prep time, hassle and mess. Even better, the plaster is white, which can save an undercoat (and its associated time and cost) too.

Why come to us for airless spray plastering?

CAP Ceilings & Partitions is a specialist in airless spray plastering systems. We have been using them for many years, and have extensive knowledge and expertise in how and where they should be applied. We have strong links with the manufacturers of all the leading airless spray systems, and are Knauf's preferred spray plaster contractor in the South West.

See for yourself

The best way to appreciate the beauty of spray plastering is to see it for yourself.

Alternatively, give us a call and we'll send you a DVD. We'll even come to you and give you a demonstration on site if you prefer.

Talk to CAP Ceilings & Partitions today to discuss your specific project and identify whether airless spray plastering would suit your needs.

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