Metal Stud Partitions

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Metal Stud Partitions – where, when and why

Metal stud partitions can be used in all types of buildings to divide space or create defined areas in residential, recreational and industrial settings.Lightweight and quick to install, metal stud partitions can provide significant savings over masonry alternatives as they take less manpower, fewer resources and little to construct. They are easy to integrate into both existing interiors and new designs, making them ideal for any application.

High specification, high performance partitions

Metal stud partitions are extremely versatile, with different stud options available for specific performance requirements. Fire resistant, noise and heat insulated, moisture resistant and impact resistant where required, they are widely used in healthcare and education settings, for hygienic areas such as kitchens and in heavy-duty areas such as school corridors.

Why come to us for metal stud partitions?

Whatever your building or setting, CAP Ceilings & Partitions can specify and install a bespoke partitioning system for your needs. We are an approved contractor for all the leading manufacturers including British Gypsum, Knauf and Siniat, whilst the skill and experience of our installation team is second to none.

Fire safety and protection

CAP Ceilings & Partitions can design and fit partitions that offer fire protection for up to four hours. We also have extensive experience with wall shafts solutions, where construction can only be carried out on one side but fire integrity is still important.

We offer three types of finish on metal stud partitions:

Talk to CAP Ceilings & Partitions today to discuss your specific project and identify your precise wall system or metal stud partitioning needs.

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